Meet our new client | nextProtein
Meet our new client | nextProtein

Meet our new client | nextProtein

Syrine Chaalala and Mohammed Gastli founders of nextProtein
Life Size Media’s first agri-tech client takes a creepy approach to a meaty problem.

Paris-based startup nextProtein has partnered with Life Size Media to support their vision of creating a new, sustainable protein based on insect larvae. Life Size Media’s work will build the company’s brand and reputation alongside a ramp-up in production at their facility in Tunisia.

nextProtein is the creation of Tunisian couple Syrine Chaalala and Mohammed Gastli. Their story began when Syrine was working on a humanitarian programme in Madagascar dealing with food shortages caused by locusts. The experience triggered the idea that insects could be the solution instead of the problem.

Four years and a lot of cutting-edge science later, and the couple’s idea has transformed into a fast-growing startup that has attracted funds from Silicon Valley investors and leading French business angels. nextProtein is now focused on optimising its new production process, building the team and scaling-up production.

Life Size Media’s campaign will support nextProtein in a transformational year for the company. Work will include developing the company’s brand, engaging with key journalists and developing a full suite of marketing materials, including a new website. The two teams met in Paris last month for an intense brand workshop and kick-off meeting.

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“We searched extensively for an agency that met our needs, that understood our agri-tech innovation, that was international and that understood the importance of thinking outside of the box and being creative”, explains Co-Founder Syrine.

“From our first conversation with Life Size Media, we knew we’d made our choice and we haven’t been disappointed. Alisa and her team, with their hard work and dedication, become part of your own team!”

How can insects help tackle food scarcity?

nextProtein produces animal feedstock from the larvae of Black Soldier Fly. The larvae are reared on otherwise inconsumable food. The resulting feedstock can be used in aquaculture, animal feedstocks, pet feedstocks and another by-product turned into agricultural fertiliser. Producing feedstock this way uses significantly less land, water and energy and produces less greenhouse gas emissions.

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By producing a new sustainable protein, nextProtein aims to uncouple animal feedstock from unsustainable farming practices and agricultural resource scarcity. It’s a crucial challenge that has been highlighted by the UN. As investor Khaled Helioui, who also has funds in Uber and Deliveroo, puts it: “Supporting nextProtein and investing in their business was an obvious choice.”