Uber is catching on but London already has an all-electric cab company
Uber is catching on but London already has an all-electric cab company

Uber is catching on but London already has an all-electric cab company

eConnect Cars electric taxis

This week, taxi app giant Uber announced that it would be trialing 20 all-electric Nissan leaf cars in its fleet. Naturally, the firm highlights the improvement in air quality and reduction in CO2 emissions this is likely to achieve.

The more electric vehicles in the capital the merrier. But it’s frustrating to see so much press coverage of a 3-month trial when London already has an all-electric taxi firm. And you can book it through an app.

Introducing eConnect cars

eConnect cars was founded in 2014 by an ex-oil and gas man who wanted to build a “business that mattered”. The company has its own network of rapid chargers and operates a fleet of Nissan Leafs and (if you’re feeling flashy) Tesla Model S cars that are available on-demand via the Karhoo app.

Life Size Media has used eConnect cars for a couple of years now, and genuinely found them to be excellent. Whether as a business or an individual, if you care about sustainable transport you should give them a call.

To be clear, we don’t work for eConnect cars. They aren’t paying us to say this, they’re not offering us free taxi rides. What they are doing is putting the electrification of transport at the heart of their business model. I believe they deserve more credit for it.

And it’s not just the environmental angle that’s important. Uber’s battle with drivers has raised a lot of questions about the social conscience of the firm. In contrast, I can honestly say that every eConnect driver I’ve chatted with has had nothing but good things to say about their employer.

It’s the nature of the beast that large corporates dominate the headlines with their sustainability efforts, while the cleantech startups that enable and drive that change often go under the radar. But that’s the frustration that gets Life Size Media up in the morning!

We need to champion pioneering, sustainable businesses whenever we can. So next time you hail a cab, why not give eConnect cars a try?

Can we electrify London transport?

If you’re interested in the rise of electric vehicles in the capital and the story behind eConnect cars, take a look at our interview with the company’s Founder Alistair Clarke.