Life Size Media premiers new cleantech film series
Life Size Media premiers new cleantech film series

Life Size Media premiers new cleantech film series

Over the last five months our dedicated cleantech film crew has been up and down the country. Braving gale force winds, rubbish tips and cow poo to tell the stories of the technologies of the future.

Life Size Media was commissioned to make a series of cleantech films by Carbon Limiting Technologies for companies involved with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Entrepreneurs Fund. Now that the films are complete we wanted to share them with you and take a look at the process behind the finished video. First up… Let’s go fly a kite!

Cleantech film #1: Kite Power Solutions

Kite Power Solutions is developing a disruptive technology to harness energy from wind. But this isn’t wind turbines, this is kites.

The filming challenge

Kites mean childhood, happy memories, and Mary Poppins. But this is a serious clean technology that aims to contend with traditional horizontal axis wind farms. It would be too easy to make a fun film about kites, but that would undermine what this technology is all about.

“My vision is to build a system that’s deployable anywhere in the world.”
– Bill Hamilton, CEO, Kite Power Solutions

Our creative approach

We decided to cut the kites out, at least for a while. Our film opens with a launch; technicians ready, rigs assembled, tension building as we near take off. The dramatic edit and cinematic music tells you exactly how serious this is. And by the time you see the kites themselves, CEO Bill Hamilton has already set the scene with a compelling voice over.

Cleantech film series: Kite Power Solutions

Behind the scenes with our production team

The final video looks fairly sunny. In reality, our film crew spent the day on an abandoned airfield, in freezing winds that rose to near gale force. Flight time was cut short as the storm came in and tensions ran high as we tested the limits of technology to get the shots we needed.

But our film crew loves a challenge. Using an enormous telephoto lens, two cameras and a small team of GoPros, we managed to cover the action from all angles. That just left the challenge of dealing with the lack of toilet facilities on site!

Watch this space for the next in our cleantech film series. You can also follow us on Instagram for more of our adventures. #thinkfilm

Cleantech film series: Kite Power Solutions

Think a cleantech film could benefit your company? Whether you want to demonstrate the power of your new technology, make sure your customers know about your sustainability strategy, or drive awareness around the issues you fight for, we’ll make you a film that gets results.

Our dedicated production team will work with you from conception right through to the finished film. We handle all aspects of the project so all you have to do is tell us what you want the film to achieve and we’ll do everything else.

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