Why people are vital for a film about robots
Why people are vital for a film about robots

Why people are vital for a film about robots

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from communicating the benefits of complex technology, it’s the importance of exploring the human interest angle.

This was the exactly the case in telling the story of Q-bot, a company whose robots save people from dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs, in our second film in a series commissioned for cleantech companies in the DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Cleantech film #2: Q-bot

Q-bot make robotic devices to do dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs. Their solution involves machines that access those places too tricky for humans. These robots can survey the area and apply a range of treatments, such as insulation.

The filming challenge

The company has been very busy recently, and naturally had a lot they wanted to show and say. Promising filming options included Q-Bot’s facility in South-West London, their various clients, happy North London residents at home, and the robots in action. With a budget of only one day of filming, it was going to be a challenge to fit it all in, and to make the decision where to focus the story.

Our creative approach

While robots themselves are pretty exciting, it was really important for us to tell the personal story. From the residents living in cold, drafty homes to the council working hard to tackle fuel poverty and provide decent housing, Q-bot’s solution was about more than facts and figures.

“There were big drafts coming up through the floorboards… you could actually feel the draughts wafting up through the gaps. It was cold.” – Virginia Cleugh, Camden Resident

DoP tania is filming Q-bot for DECC film series

Behind the scenes with our production team

Fitting in all the interviews and choosing the right locations came down to straightforward planning. The interesting challenge was always going to be getting down and dirty with the actual robot: a challenge our intrepid director of photography took to like a duck to water (or, more fittingly, a cockroach under dirty floorboards!)

DoP Tania is in the floor filming Q-bot for DECC

In a concept to make David Lynch’s head spin, here’s a sneak peek of Emma filming the on-board video feed from the robot as it films Tania, who is in turn filming it.


Over the last five months, our dedicated cleantech film crew has been up and down the country. Braving gale force winds, rubbish tips and cow poo to tell the stories of the technologies of the future.

Life Size Media was commissioned to make a series of cleantech films by Carbon Limiting Technologies for companies involved with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Entrepreneurs Fund. Now that the films are complete we wanted to share them with you and take a look at the process behind the finished video.

Think a cleantech film could benefit your company? Whether you want to demonstrate the power of your new technology, make sure your customers know about your sustainability strategy, or drive awareness around the issues you fight for, we’ll make you a film that gets results.

Our dedicated production team will work with you from conception right through to the finished film. We handle all aspects of the project so all you have to do is tell us what you want the film to achieve and we’ll do everything else.

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Watch this space for the next in our cleantech film series. You can also follow us on Instagram for more of our adventures. #thinkfilm