Things heat up in our cleantech film series
Things heat up in our cleantech film series

Things heat up in our cleantech film series

If you could increase the efficiency of gas-fired power generation by just 1%, you would displace tens of millions of tonnes of CO2. Things heat up as we take a look at Oxsensis, the third film in our series commissioned for cleantech companies on the DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Cleantech film #3: Oxsensis

Oxsensis sensors can go where conventional electrical sensors cannot. And that includes the inside of a gas turbine. “It’s like a rocket engine in there” says Oxsensis CEO Ian Macafee, but if you can put sensors right at the heart of the action then you can monitor combustion and increase fuel efficiency.

The filming challenge

“A gas turbine is like a rocket engine – high pressure and 1000 degrees or hotter.”

Clearly we weren’t going to be able to film these sensors in action! So how do we get to the heart, or should I say heat, of the story?

Our creative approach

Oxsensis are working with gas turbine manufacturer Centrax, helping them to better monitor combustion within their turbines. We decided to tell the story from the customer point of view: asking what is the challenge they face and why Oxsensis is the only company that can solve it for them.

“The film production was expertly handled by Life Size Media who were able to take a complex technology story and simplify it. The team worked very well with Oxsensis at our site and also at our partner’s (Centrax Gas Turbines) site in Devon. Oxsensis would be happy to recommend them to others.”
– Ian Macafee, CEO, Oxsensis

Behind the scenes with our production team

DOP looking through the lens of the camera on Oxsensis film shoot           DOP standing with camera on the oxsensis cleantech film shoot

Oxsensis’ lab in Oxford and Centrax’s site in Devon are rather far apart, and both are a long way from London. But it’s important for us to be able to produce high-quality films for our early stage clients, at a budget they can manage. Which in this case meant a rather stretching all-in-one road trip from London to Oxford to Devon and back again.

However our intrepid film crew remained in high spirits throughout, and didn’t miss a shot. It’s not something we’d want to make a habit out of, but it was worth it for the impressively contrasting shots of the power and scale of Centrax’s turbines against the precision and delicacy of the Oxsensis instruments.

Think a cleantech film could benefit your company? Whether you want to demonstrate the power of your new technology, make sure your customers know about your sustainability strategy, or drive awareness around the issues you fight for, we’ll make you a film that gets results.

Our dedicated production team will work with you from conception right through to the finished film. We handle all aspects of the project so all you have to do is tell us what you want the film to achieve and we’ll do everything else.

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Watch this space for the next in our cleantech film series. You can also follow us on Instagram for more of our adventures. #thinkfilm