Moo-ving on in our cleantech film series
Moo-ving on in our cleantech film series

Moo-ving on in our cleantech film series

For the next film in our cleantech series for companies on the DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, the team gets up close and personal with cow poo, going above (well, below) and beyond to showcase a promising new solution for on-site anaerobic digestion.

Cleantech film #4: Lindhurst Engineering

Lindhurst Engineering has developed a small scale on-site anaerobic digestion unit, perfect for generating energy at the source of waste. In their unique ‘microbial fuel cell’ the bacteria are fixed onto a substrate and the waste is circulated past them, making for a much more efficient process.

The filming challenge

Lindhurst Engineering’s pilot plant is installed at Nottingham University Dairy Centre. The plant runs on the waste produced by their 174 milking cows. The real promise of this technology is that it is the right size to be located directly at the source of waste, with the energy produced used on-site. In addition, on working farms the waste substrate can be used as a fertiliser, creating a perfect virtuous circle. The only issue is the waste produced, in this case, is… cow poo.

Cow camera

Our creative approach

While Martin Rigley, CEO of Lindhurst Engineering, explains the ins and outs of this new technology, our film footage follows the whole circular process. We start with the energy use on farm – the milking and the various machines that keep the cows healthy. We then cut to the main business – cow poop. From the moment it drops we follow the poo as it’s scooped into a receptor, stored in a large slurry tank and then piped into the digestion plant itself.

Behind the scenes with our production team

The day of filming was cold and wet – just what you want for a day at the dairy. Oh and did we mention the poo? The word of the day was patience; from Tania lying on the ground waiting for the very slow mechanical scraper to get close enough to camera, to Emma spending the whole lunch break with the camera carefully trained on one lady’s backside, who resolutely refused to engage in any bowel movements. But there’s nothing like that feeling of climbing into the car stiff and muddy at the end of the day, knowing you’ve covered all the shots (and then having to drive all the way down the M1 to London!)

Up close and personal

What our client had to say

“From the outset it was clear that Life Size Media were going to have a very professional approach to filmmaking. After an initial telephone conversation, they provided me with a clear brief of what to expect on the day. The whole team really took the time to get the shots they needed to accurately tell our story in what at times were difficult conditions, including laying in mud to get the exact shot they had in mind. I am really pleased with the final edit; it really gets across the message we were trying to deliver.”

– Martin Rigley, CEO, Lindhurst Engineering

Think a cleantech film could benefit your company? Whether you want to demonstrate the power of your new technology, make sure your customers know about your sustainability strategy, or drive awareness around the issues you fight for, we’ll make you a film that gets results.

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