Why our latest cleantech film is a load of old rubbish
Why our latest cleantech film is a load of old rubbish

Why our latest cleantech film is a load of old rubbish

Life Size Media’s film lead Emma Murphy reports on the next instalment of our cleantech film series.

With the smell of cow poo barely out of their nostrils, our valiant film crew’s next arduous task was to delve into a rubbish dump. Our glamorous task was to capture on film the story of the next cleantech company taking part in the Department of Climate Change’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Cleantech film #5: CCm Research

CCm Research works on the mission that carbon capture and utilisation holds the key to a sustainable use of our waste and emissions. Their plant produces fertiliser by mixing organic waste with carbon dioxide.

The filming challenge

CCm Research is all about the circular economy. First household waste is combusted in Viridor’s state of the art facility. The CO2 produced in that combustion is then piped to the CCm plant where it’s mixed with organic material to produce their fertiliser. That fertiliser is currently being extensively tested on a nearby farm and, of course, we wanted to cover the whole process.

Film team making a rubbish new friend in the Viridor education centre

Film team making a rubbish new friend in the Viridor education centre

Our creative approach

We decided the most powerful way to tell the story was to hear from each person playing their part. So we started with Andrew Turner at the Viridor Energy Recovery Facility, before hearing from Peter Hammond of CCm Research as he talked us through their pilot plant located at the Ardley Recycling Centre next door. Finally, Jacob Davis of Crown Farms showed us how the fertiliser was sprayed onto the land and how their crops were reacting.

Behind the scenes with our production team

The biggest challenge of the day was fitting everything in. Three sites in one day was ambitious, but we managed to squeeze in a flying visit to Crown Farm in Oxfordshire while we were filming in the Oxsensis labs nearby.

Life Size Media capture a tractor on the Ventive film set

We’d planned enough time to catch the last two hours of winter daylight… what we hadn’t planned for was rain. Unperturbed our film crew donned their waterproofs and trampled happily off into the middle of a field, watched on by the impressed client from their comfortably dry car.

“Life Size Media do a great job from beginning to end; they rapidly grasp the important messages that you need to get across and develop the story in a concise and painless way, producing a highly polished and effective product. The team are efficient, accommodating and easy to work with; in short they know what they are doing and make great films that get your audiences attention.”

– Peter Hammond, CTO, CCm Research

Think a cleantech film could benefit your company? Whether you want to demonstrate the power of your new technology, make sure your customers know about your sustainability strategy, or drive awareness around the issues you fight for, we’ll make you a film that gets results.

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Watch this space for the next in our cleantech film series. You can also follow us on Instagram for more of our adventures.