What a difference a red edge makes
What a difference a red edge makes

What a difference a red edge makes

When it comes to designing business cards, the challenge is to condense a brand into a little piece of card. Following our latest cards for Maingate Enterprise Solutions, our Junior Designer Joel Pascual shares his thoughts on the importance of a coloured edge.

Designing business cards for clients is always a challenging process. Done right, it means successfully conveying a company’s brand image and ethos in a single piece of 85 x 55mm card. But that’s no easy task. When our brand development work for Maingate Enterprise Solutions reached the point of business cards, we felt there was an opportunity to present the client with something striking.

In this era of Pinterest and creative blogs, stationery lovers and inspiring collateral collections abound. The best of them showcase a combination of great ideas, fine typographic skills, intricate printing techniques and beautiful stock.


Through our research of inspiring branding, one idea in particular stood out: business cards with vibrant coloured edges printed with dark, thick stock. We were also itching to turn the traditional landscape format on its side. Fortunately, our client trusted our ideas and was equally keen to do something a bit different.

With the designs completed, we crossed our fingers, waiting for the cards to come back from the printers. We were pretty sure it had gone well when we received this message from them: “The dark grey and red edges look fantastic and it’s one of our favourite coloured edge jobs so far!” If the printer was getting excited, we must have been doing something right.


It’s funny the difference simple details make. Because what is the real importance of having red edges? It certainly isn’t going to change the world. But, for our client, the red edge is the tangible visualisation of a bold and electric personality in an industry dominated by predictable colours and insipid ideas.

Creating business cards isn’t always the most fulfilling job for a designer, but these made us feel excited and inspired and we achieved our goal in presenting the client with some outstanding work. As for creating something that might be spotted by those stationery hoarders and placed alongside some inspiring graphic collections, I’m confident it’s just a matter of time.