A recipe for the perfect exhibition
A recipe for the perfect exhibition

A recipe for the perfect exhibition

At this year’s Industrial Biotechnology Showcase there was a rich scent of coffee emanating from the Biome Bioplastics stand. The Minster of Life Sciences, George Freeman, sipped fresh coffee and discussed leaps forward in science and technology, in a scene that more closely resembled a piazza café in Rome than an industry conference.

Life Size Media wanted to create a talking point around Biome Bioplastics’ recently developed biodegradable materials for use in coffee pods. And so we donned our aprons and gave people the chance to sample the pods for themselves, disposing of them in compost bins and learning a little about Biome Bioplastics’ groundbreaking research into lignin along the way.

The stand certainly captured visitors’ imaginations and may well make an appearance at future exhibitions. In the meantime, we thought it only fair to publish the recipe for how to create your own authentic café scene from a humble exhibition stand.


1x life-size cardboard cutout of “Italian” barista – to add authenticity
2x bowls with assortment of carefully selected fruit
2 x compost bins to decompose used coffee pods and fruit peels
3x branded aprons so everyone can look like a barista
4x specially designed instruction boards for how to brew the perfect cup
100 x fully biodegradable coffee pods from Biome Bioplastics


Step 1: Find an appropriate model to play your friendly Italian barista. We used our Junior Designer Joel who is actually Spanish but no one needs to know that.


Step 2: Get yourself a coffee machine and enough biodegradable coffee pods to satisfy herds of thirsty industrial biotechnologists (HINT: Biome Bioplastics’ materials have helped create the first sustainable alternative on the market so that’s a good place to start).


Step 3: Make the table look pretty with fruit and sugar and don’t forget on-brand compost bins for disposing your coffee pod.


Step 4: Procure matching company-branded aprons and persuade your clients that they look great in them.


Step 5: Use Italian hand gestures to make the whole experience more authentic.


Step 6: Have your Italian barista ‘photobomb’ as many Ministerial photo opportunities as possible.